Monitor carefully researched groups of verified influencers on social media

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Unlike other services, we only monitor groups of verified influencers such as UK journalists, healthcare professionals or CEOs. Our team can also help you build your own custom groups of key influencers.

We alert you instantly when influencers mention the keywords you specify such as your organisation, your people, your issues or your competitors.

Who's using Yatterbox...

How it works

Our team of researchers carefully maintains a database of over 30,000 key influencers that Yatterbox tracks on social media 24/7.
You upload your own custom stakeholder lists, enabling you to leverage the power of Yatterbox in a way that’s entirely specific to your company.
You tell Yatterbox the keywords and phrases you are interested in (for example a brand, a name, an issue or a place). We alert you instantly when your keywords are mentioned by our key influencers or your bespoke stakeholders.

Our researched influencers

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Your custom stakeholders

Stakeholder map

Your keywords

Market events

Instant email alerts

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How people are using Yatterbox


Tracking a critical market event

Antonia, Communications Manager, Bank. Uses Yatterbox to monitor comment around financial results and M&A activity.

Monitoring a bespoke stakeholder map

Ange, Public Affairs Manager, global organisation. Asked Yatterbox to create a custom group of influencers for her organisation. She’s now the first to hear news and alerts from key international commentators in her industry.

Manage corporate reputation among a key group

Matt, Public Affairs Manager, Supermarket. Uses Yatterbox to monitor sentiment and reputation of his company and competitors amongst MPs.

Tactical marketing

James, Marketing Director, Hotel Chain. Uses Yatterbox to spot and track discussions about big events and conferences, helping him to identify tactical marketing opportunities.

Spotting PR opportunities

Mike, PR Consultant. Signed up his whole team. Uses Yatterbox to alert him when journalists are talking about his clients or seeking case studies using #journorequest. These alerts have provided his clients with multiple PR opportunities.

Need more help?

Yatterbox provides a simple, cost-effective way of tracking key influencers on social media. But what if you need more? Our team of experts can help you devise and implement social media listening and engagement strategies, including:

Stakeholder mapping


We can research and compile the specific influencers important to your organisation.

This will give you a bespoke monitoring system to track what your stakeholders are saying and where they are saying it.



We can benchmark your organisation against your competitors and your industry.

Our researchers can evaluate the success of campaigns with specific audiences.

Reporting & analytics


We can create custom reports for your organisation with the specific data you need (daily, weekly or monthly).

We can also undertake in-depth investigations of your digital strategy or footprint.


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